"Whatever your business, we will work with you to meet your needs.
Through our comprehensive range of services we can help you
to enjoy success and achive your goals."

RKLS Group commenced its operations in 2003 and has gained experiences with a significant growth since its inception and now operates throughout the country with a wider network of branches in several Provinces. RKLS Group is a modern medium sized professional service firm established by well qualified professionals with vast experience in public practice.

We offer tailor-made services to our client in:

  • Assurance engagements (Audit and non-audit)
  • Internal audit and Risk management
  • Taxation
  • Company Secretarial Services
  • Consulting and Advisory
  • Information Technology related services
  • Technology Risk Services
  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services

Our firm employs over 75 people, and our skills base comprises of Chartered Accountants, MBA holders, Tax Professionals, University Degree Holders, Accounting Technicians etc. The growth of our organization has also created opportunities in human resources, marketing, and information technology and office administration.

RKLS Grouphas always exhibited and performed a client centered focus throughout. Our approach is tailored to the circumstances prevailing in the client's industry. We construct our team to reflect your organization structure and culture. Corporate and strategic roles are separate from operational assignments. Your corporate liaison - the client service partner - is empowered to control all aspects of our local & international services.

We make all aspects of our services to deliver with higher transparency to the client. Our tasks pre-scheduled, planned and agreed with you for deliverables, in a timely manner and maximizing cost effectiveness. Our aim is to beat your expectations and to bring down the gab. The approach we adopt ensures that we bring our views to you on business operations as well as compliances with regard to financial, legal and other regulatory requirements.


"To become a renowned, solution-oriented, most sought-after multidisciplinary
engagements & consulting firm "


"To provide professional services for problem solving in the fields of Accounting, Audit & Assurance, Forensic Services, Company Secretarial, Business Management and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) with the highest degree of dedication, integrity and responsibility"

Our strategic goal

Our strategic goal is to be the leading professional services provider in the country in our chosen fields, by:

  • Enhancing our corporate culture.
  • Maximizing our efficiency.
  • Delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction.
  • Growing our service lines.
  • Building capital reserves to ensure continuity.
  • As well as creating and sustaining an entity epitomized by the well-being of all our people.


It is the commitment to live out our core values; Knowledge and Excellence that will help us achieve our ambitions.


We have a duty and responsibility to acquire the technical knowledge essential to provide quality services to our clients.


We are pride of ourselves in producing the highest quality of services.
We will strive to achieve our ambition of being one of the leading professional services provide organization in the country by focusing on the need to develop and empower our people and entrenching the values of the company.


At RKLS Group, we believe that our most valuable resource is our people. We realize that the quality of service rendered is only as good as the caliber of our people. While, we employ the latest technology, we also acknowledge that there is no substitute for human skill and creativity.

Our professional staff has collectively acquired knowledge and wider experiences from different leading professional service firms, providing advice in areas of governance, risk management, finance, information technology, and internal controls to executives, entrepreneurs and high profile leaders. Our experience is backed by a commitment and passion to provide highly personalized and tailor made services to meet our clients’ individual needs.


"To provide professional services for problem solving in the fields of Accounting, Audit & Assurance, Forensic Services, Taxation and Business Management with the highest degree of dedication integrity and responsibility"

Mr. E.M.K.W.S. Ekanayake

FCA, MBA, Dip. In Taxation

Mr. Ekanayake is a Fellow Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka. He is holding a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from the University of Colombo and had awarded Diploma in Taxation from the Institute of Taxation of Sri Lanka. He is also a “Certified Forensic Auditor” in public practice in Sri Lanka.

His work experience spans for well over 20 years during which time has held key positions in the industry & commerce both in local and foreign establishments. Mr. Ekanayake has served as a Senior Lecturer in Auditing at the JMC (Jayasekara, Management Centre).

Mr. A. H. Kasun Shaminda


Mr. Shaminda is an Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka and an Associate Member of Certified Management Accountants of Sri Lanka. He has obtained a degree in Commerce (B.com Special Hons.) from University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. He has 14 years of experience in Auditind, Accounting, Management Consulting and Taxation fields. He is also a “Certified Forensic Auditor” in public practice in Sri Lanka.

He is also holding Directorships of several companies in real-estate and consultancy.

Mr. D. M. K. Bandara

BSc, MBA, Dip. In Taxation

Wayamba and had awarded Diploma from the Institute of Taxation of Sri Lanka.

He has served as a Senior Lecturer in Costing, Business Administration, Taxation and Financial Accounting at JMC - Jayasekara Management Centre. He is a “Certified Forensic Auditor” in public practice in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Bandara possesses a wide knowledge and over twenty years [20] of experience in Accounting, Auditing, Management Consulting and Taxation.

Mr. L. D. Gunathilake


Mr. Gunathilake is a specialized trained teacher in English who has worked as an In-service Advisor to teachers of English in Government Schools. He has performed his duties as a Senior Lecturer of Business Communication at the JMC - Jayasekara Management Centre for well over 22 years.

He has worked as the Principal at JMC College International, In addition, Mr. Gunathilake is also serving as a Sworn Translator attached to District Court of Colombo.

He is currently in charge of the Corporate Services and Administration Deprtment of the firm.